Let us match you with a trusted financial advisor who has the skills, training and approach to investing that you need. All MoneySense Approved Financial Advisors have completed a rigorous accreditation process to ensure they meet our high standards for fair and transparent fees, quality service and experience.

Use the search tool below to find a financial advisor who can provide the best-in-class service you’re looking for, at a fair price.

Whether you’re a personal finance novice, a do-it-yourself investor or a retiree drawing down your nest egg, an advisor can help you make the most of every dollar and keep you on track when the unexpected happens.

Most advisors can help you set financial goals, establish a comprehensive financial plan and teach you about various investment options. Some can even assess your risk tolerance, purchase investment products on your behalf, address complex tax issues and manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis. The key is finding one that suits your specific needs.

The numbers tell the story. A 2011 international HSBC study found that those with financial plan accumulated nearly 250% more retirement savings than those without a plan in place.

Our search tool will help you find a knowledgeable advisor to grow your wealth. MoneySense Approved Financial Advisors are pre-screened with an emphasis on quality service at a reasonable cost.

To start, we recommend you interview a number of financial advisors before choosing one that’s right for you. Remember to ask a few key questions. How are they compensated? Are they paid commissions? Do they charge a flat fee or a percentage of assets under management? What kinds of products and services are they licensed to offer? And finally, don’t forget to ask for client references as well.

Our directory of MoneySense Approved Financial Advisors can help you find an advisor you can trust. Everyone on our list has at least three years of experience, an up-to-date industry standard certification, is in good professional standing and charges reasonable fees.

In 2014, MoneySense polled investors and learned that 44% of those currently without an advisor would consider using one if there was a quick way to determine which ones were of high quality. We sensed there was an appetite and need in the Canadian market to create our own vetted list to assist investors in finding those quality choices. We believe the MoneySense Approved program delivers on our promise to help Canadians improve their personal finances at a reasonable cost. The majority (56%) of investors polled by MoneySense said that if they were looking for an advisor, they would be more likely to choose one approved by MoneySense. We’re here to help. MoneySense staff vets applications by advisors for approval in the program, checking qualifications and subjecting them to an extensive survey of their services and practices, including fees and adherence to high standards of client service. Advisors must achieve a high score in our proprietary evaluation and receive top marks from their customers in a separate, anonymous client questionnaire.

To be included in this program, advisors also pay a fee to MoneySense but only those with top marks make it onto our list. Be sure to use our directory as a starting point for your search. Focus on the services and financial goals that mean the most to you. Our hope is that it will become a trusted resource in finding the perfect advisor for you.

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